I always recommend Heart and Hands prenatal classes to my new moms.  They are never disappointed.  On the contrary, they come back and tell me how much fun they had, how much they laughed and how much they learned.  Then they thank me for recommending Nicole and Anne.

Carolyn Johnston
Registered Midwife



Since 2006 Nicole and Anne have had the pleasure of instructing over 450 couples in either our weekly or weekend class format.  Our classes have always been highly recommended by both doctors and midwives in the Langley and Surrey areas.

At this time, and after much consideration, we have decided to suspend offering group classes through Heart and Hands. We will, however, continue to teach Childbirth Education in Langley!

You can still attend fun, interactive, evidence-based group prenatal education provided by Anne and Nicole by filling out the contact page (the link is at the bottom of this page) and then we can provide you with information on where we are teaching and when courses are available.

Although not offering group classes, we will provide private classes for you. We can tailor the information to meet your specific needs, whether it's an entire class, or just breastfeeding, or just a refresher if this isn't your first baby. Please see our private options below.

Thank you to all past class attendees for your support of Heart and Hands Perinatal Services! It was our honour to instruct you!!


Anne and Nicole

Full Session, including: preparing for labour, all normal labour and birth information, pain medication options, interventions, informed decision making, breastfeeding and postpartum and the newborn.

$250 for 6 hours,  either in 1 day, or broken in two 3-hour segments.
Labour/Breastfeeding Refresher (geared towards those who have already had a baby)
$180 for 4 hours, either in 1 day, or broken in two 2-hour segments.
Breastfeeding Class
$50 for a  2 hour class.

To register, please complete the form on our contact page. Let us know which series you'd like to register for, and what your due date is. We'll send along a complete registration form for your series.

All NSF cheques will be charged a $10 fee and cash payment will be required for repayment

Full refund of course fee, if registration is cancelled before 1 month prior to starting date of class (less $15 administration fee).

50% refund of course fee, if registration cancelled less than 1 month prior to starting date of class (less $15 administration fee).

Heart and Hands Perinatal Services offers prenatal classes from the Lamaze perspective.

Anne and Nicole are both LCCE's (Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educators) having received their certification through Lamaze International (www.lamaze.org) , a globally recognized organization advocating for and offering prenatal education of the highest standard. Since 2007 we have taught over 300 couples and are proud to be referred by several local midwives consistently.

At Heart and Hands we have adopted Lamaze International's Philosophy of Birth and mission as our own.

The Philosophy of Birth:

  • birth is normal, natural, and healthy
  • the experience of birth profoundly affects women and their families
  • women's inner wisdom guides them through birth
  • women's confidence and ability to give birth is either enhanced or diminished by the care provider and place of birth
  • women have a right to give birth free from routine intervention
  • birth can safely take place in birth centers and at home
  • childbirth education empowers women to make informed choices in health care, to assume responsibility for their health, and to trust their inner wisdom.

Lamaze International believes that the safety of birth is enhanced by respecting and facilitating the normal, natural physiologic process of birth.

Therefore, the mission of Lamaze International, and now also Heart and Hands mission is to:

Promote, support and protect normal birth through education and advocacy. The following evidence based practices, adapted from the World Health Organization (WHO) promote normal birth:

  1. Let Labor Begin on Its Own

  2. Walk, Move Around and Change Positions Throughout Labour.

  3. Bring a Loved One, Friend, or Doula for Continuous Support

  4. Avoid Interventions That Are Not Medically Necessary 

  5. Avoid Giving Birth on Your Back, and Follow Your Body’s Urges to Push

  6. Keep Mother and Baby Together – It’s Best for Mother, Baby, and Breastfeeding