We believe strongly that doula services are an essential part of the team that provides care to a childbearing woman and her family.

What is a Doula and Why Have One?

Doulas provide emotional, physical and informational support during pregnancy, labor, birth and immediate postpartum.

A Doula does not replace the partner. Instead she helps support the partner so that he can love and encourage the labouring woman. The partner will quickly find out that the Doula helps enrich their role by also supporting them, individually and as a couple. The Doula provides experience, knowledge, guidance and helps to create fond birth memories.

Relevant Statistics:

Every woman deserves a Doula present at her birth. Statistically speaking, the difference in a Doula-supported birth versus a birth without a Doula is astounding:

  • Length of first time labor decreased 25%
  • Need for labor stimulation decreased 40%
  • Requests for epidurals decreased 60%
  • Cesarean Section rate decreased 50%

There are many benefits beyond what is noted above. Generally speaking, couples/women that have a Doula at the birth of their child express greater satisfaction with the birth experience even if things don't go as planned. And generally speaking - because of the statistics listed above - the outcome is healthier babies and moms, and better breastfeeding experiences.

There are several things a Doula can do to help make your birth experience everything you hope for. Labor is a time to shower the mom-to-be with some tender loving care, and comfort measures such as massage can be essential to keeping things moving along. A Doula provides continuous, uninterrupted support throughout labor and delivery. She offers massage, suggestions for position changes, relaxation techniques, reminders to stay hydrated and keep her bladder empty. Doulas are trained in methods to help make your birth experience more comfortable. A Doula can suggest different positions to ease labor and help with pushing. She also believes in a woman's instinctive ability to birth her baby.

A Doula will help you communicate your needs to your caregivers. A Doula can also help the birth partner become a more active participant during labor and birth.

The Birth Doulas who work with Heart and Hands Perinatal Services are all certified with DONA International (, the premier organization for doulas internationally.

We will be happy to recommend several birth doulas to you. You can then contact them and find the right doula for you through the interviewing process. Your doula will work with you and your partner/labour support person, getting to know you and discussing your hopes and wishes for your birth, answering any questions, providing personalized information and helping to prepare a birth plan. She will describe her role fully and introduce you to the back up doula for your estimated time of birth.

Please fill out the form on the contact page or call us at 604 607 1183.

Birth Doula Services and Rates:

Typical birth doula services range from $400 - $800. Payment for the services are negotiated privately between you and the doula you hire.