Welcome to Heart and Hands Perinatal Services.

Our goal is to offer a variety of services to childbearing women and their families where their educational as well as physical and emotional support needs are met. Under the umbrella of one name, we offer Lamaze childbirth preparation classes, birth and postpartum doula services, as well as breastfeeding counseling.

Today's families are looking for education and services that provide them with all the knowledge necessary to make informed decisions regarding the care they and their babies receive. Attending our childbirth preparation classes will assist you in preparing for the birth of your baby; assist you in being informed.

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Labour and birth are profound moments for every woman and her family. Having some basic understanding of the birth process greatly improves a woman's ability to cope with labour and her partner's ability to support her through labour. Heart and Hands classes are a wonderful combination of education and fun - couples who participate invariably believe their birth experience has been enhanced.  The midwives at Grove highly recommend Nicole and Anne of Heart and Hands Perinatal Services to help give you the best birth possible.

Grove Midwifery Care
Rachel Wisselink, Tina Blaney, Jennesse Oakhurst,
Igna Hoebergen

I suggest to all my clients that they consider taking prenatal classes with Heart and Hands. Everyone who has taken their classes found them enjoyable and very informative. They found the classes helped to anticipate a labour process which was not only "do-able" but even maybe an all embracing adventure, and that they had been given some tools to use and would be able to identify some landmarks along the way. Everything one wants from a prenatal class.

Anne Barkham